Citizenship as Ministry & Team Work

This website  is for the development and interaction of the Citizenship as Ministry Teams of the allied churches of the Hawaii Pastor Alliance.

This site will be available to instruct, active and integrate various aspects of effective citizenship to have lasting impact on our state and culture.  

Societies do no improve without this level of involvement by those who trust in Judeo Christian values as the basis for just and honorable communities.



Building Leadership In Our State and Communities


Citizenship and Grass Roots Coalitions    Divide and Conqueror is an effective strategy in both the physical and supernatural realm.  As long as people of faith are kept separate, unconnected and in a spirit of defeat the designs of natural and supernatural adversaries go uncontested.   Building coalitions of Citizenship as Ministry Teams, across island church families, equipped and empowered to pray, serve and unite like mind people in their local communities is the key to acquiring Gods favor and blessings in this effort.  

Effective Political Strategy     The root word of politics is “citizen” and deals with the interaction of citizens in a civil society.    There are effective modern and effective strategies in dealing with electing people to political office and influencing those in political power. We will be instructing and making available all full range of these strategies and their components to all Citizenship as Ministry Teams.

Encouraging Hope and Building Morale          Our natural and supernatural adversaries understand how important morale is to an effective fighting force.   We need to consider and apply effective measures to encourage our Pastors, and our Brothers and Sister.    We must be “Wall Builders” trusting God to handle all things in the manner best suited to accomplish His expressed desire for individual and cultural redemption.

Community Service and Economic Renewal    Many of our communities and natural resources are in desperate need of cleaning, reviving and bringing Godly influence into areas that have been long neglected.    The hard earned financial resources that have been carelessly spent and potential economic benefits that have been mindlessly dismissed has lead to a clear decline in our island wide community.  The inattention and neglect of those in elected office to the physical state of our schools, neighborhoods, parks and a multitude of resources require our combined effort to restore the beauty and dignity of resources designed to bless and serve those made in the Image of Almighty God. 

Disaster Preparedness-Homeland Security   We live in a world of conflict both natural and man made.    Training, preparing and equipping those involved in Citizenship as Ministry teams to deal with potential threats and natural/man made disasters whether local, statewide or nationwide is a natural part of our stewardship for our families and communities.