Citizenship as Ministry & Team Work

This website  is for the development and interaction of the Citizenship as Ministry Teams of the allied churches of the Hawaii Pastor Alliance.

    The goal of encouraging active and effective citizenship of people of faith cannot be underestimated in its impact on our state and culture.   Societies do no improve without this level of involvement by those who trust in Judeo Christian values as the basis for just and honorable communities.

The election of 2016 brought our nation to the precipice of losing our fundamental religious freedoms and we cannot ignore the dire warning of that threat and the absolute necessary of restoring the apathetic and disheartening citizen into his or her God given role as defenders and promoter of Godly values in culture and politics.



Our targets for building effective leadership for our churches and society include the following:


Discernment and Force Multiplication     This category will address the broad cultural issues that may be holding back individuals from full citizenship and impact.    We will provide insight into the diabolically clever methods used to  corrupt our nations moral, cultural and fiscal climate and how it can be (by Gods grace) and must be, reversed.      We will also explore ways to increase the power of our messaging by strategic application and organization and to turn the deception of our opponents to our advantage to disseminate truth.

Homeland Security     Not meant as just a metaphor, for we we will be exploring ministries and concrete programs to secure our Homeland from enemies foreign and domestic.    We are in a real battle for ourselves, our families and our nation future.    The cultural decay we fight against is not only ultimately destructive to individuals and our nations foundation, it’s depravity is a provocation to those who would do us harm.

Morale and Encouragement         Our natural and supernatural adversaries understand how important morale is to an effective fighting force.   We need to consider and apply effective measures to encourage each other, our Pastors, and our Brothers and Sister.    We must be “Wall Builders” trusting God to handle all things in the manner best suited to accomplish His expressed desire for individual and cultural redemption.

Outreach and Fellowship      This category will be for highlighting positive events and work to build our comrade and impact and growth in our churches and communities.

We will undoubtedly be changing and modifying the website, its categories and format based on events and your feedback.    As we build we ask you make full use of our contact forms and comment section to help us improve this site for our common good and our state and nations future.