Effective Political Strategy

Political strategy just like so many other areas has been greatly impacted by the the rise of informational technology.   Technologies for identifying supporters, linking volunteers and  building coalitions that used to be reserved for political parties or large campaigns are now readily available.

In Hawaii we are facing a entrenched and effective political establishment having nearly a half century of political control.   And, to their credit, they have an energized and reliable voting block that exercises their voting privileged each election.

Such superior organization has to be met with a similar it not more effective organization of our own.   As well, we need to build a pre-established cultural-political infrastructure of support, in every political district.    With such grass roots structures in place we can then identifying attractive, viable, Godly men and women to be the tip of the spear in running for elected office.

Others have correctly said politics is downstream from culture and there is little doubt this “movement” has to arise as a Cultural Renaissance in the understanding of the authority individual citizens wield in a Constitutional Republic.

Citizenship as Ministry arising from the Judeo-Christian value system represents the correct governing formula as espoused by America’s founders.    This formula contains powerful appeals to human liberty and dignity that represents a superior governing system compared to the secular-humanist ideologies so dominate in our politics.

This appeal which is based on the concept of an inherent “moral sense” (as much a part of the human experience as the 5 senses of sight, touch, etc.)  coupled with what the luminaries of the Scottish Renaissance identified as “common sense realism” is the philosophical basis the American system.