How to use the Information on this Website

This website  is for the development and interaction of the Citizenship as Ministry Teams of the allied churches of the Hawaii Pastor Alliance.

This site will be available to instruct, active and integrate various aspects of effective citizenship to have lasting impact on our state and culture.  

Societies do no improve without this level of involvement by those who trust in Judeo Christian values as the basis for just and honorable communities.



Building Leadership In Our State and Communities


Political Technology and Campaign Basics    Political strategy just like so many other areas of life have been impacted by the the rise of informational technology.   Technologies for identifying supporters, linking volunteers and  building coalitions that used to be reserved for political parties or large campaigns are now readily available to everyone.

Communication: Vision and Message   Communication is the key to grass roots efforts.   The battle for hearts and minds begins within the church and continues outside the church structure.  Whether its expressing  cultural influence or working political campaigns, utilizing communication strategies that are effective is paramount.

Interacting with Politics and Culture    Many of our communities and social infrastructure are in desperate need of Godly influence that have been long neglected in our public life.    Starting with the blight of abortion on our society we stagger from one mistake to the next unaware and often unconcerned of “whirlwind” we are reaping.  As Christians we are to discern the times and be the Salt and Light that preserves and illuminates our state and culture. 


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