Viable*Attractive*Godly – Vetting Candidates

Running for office in Hawaii faces the two edged sword of both the electoral power of a mono- party state and finding those willing to run in opposition.   The dominate party has the discipline and financial assets of decades of almost unopposed control while the “other” party has trouble fielding candidates in most races.

Citizenship as Ministry teams in Pastor Alliances churches have the advantage of an established but underdeveloped sphere of influence.    Each team must build its own knowledge of elections and campaigns , cultural interaction, voter registration and turn out and a consistent level of prayer and a biblical based understanding of civic engagement.  And, doing this while looking for potential candidates willing and able to serve as an elected representative.

This necessitates Alliance churches taking this  to the level of connecting with other churches having CAM teams and building a combined data base that will enable the coordination of Christian citizens living in their respective House and Senate district to field candidate (in their districts) that are the very best and brightest.

As CAM teams and Alliance pastors pray and seek Gods guidance to establish achievable goals this will help awaken the sense of civic duty that all Christians have as both ambassadors of Christ and wielders of the sword of authority all adult Christian carry through their Sovereign Vote.

By doing these things those who God is calling to be the “tip of the sphere” (sphere of influence) of this effort will know there is a firm foundation and established CAM teams giving them the ability to run and potentially win a political campaign.

We also owe the citizens in which we are seeking to elect representatives the very best candidate with the skill set and leadership abilities to serve with competence and honor.

This process is called “vetting” and the following qualities should be considered in finding a potential candidate to field and support:


Viable: Does this person have the background and skill set to serve in government?   Most government work is performed by the professional government employees while the elected representative should set the tone to achieve the highest and best goals for all citizens.   While those with a law degrees have an academic knack for elected positions we see men and women from other backgrounds having strong qualifications.   Administrative and people skills are whats most needed in political leadership.   Pastors and church leaders as well as business people, working professionals, retired military and average folk often have the right combinations of skill-sets to be effective community/political leaders .

Attractive: This, as the book of Proverbs tells, us is more than just outward appearance, though a candidate should work to keep him or herself healthy and of good appearance but its also the inner desire to see Gods mercy and blessings in the lives of people.

Godly:  In a nut shell will they stand true in the time of battle?   Will they stand on principals when it threatens their own political career?   Will they resist the siren call of compromise when it seeks to buy their support?    Godliness is the vision to see a more Christ honoring and promising tomorrow.  It is what is missing in Hawaii when Godly men and women are not serving in the public sphere and is a cause befitting the power of the Good News.


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